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    Athletic Department Staff Directory

    Area Code (312)
    University of Illinois at Chicago Athletic Department
    Flames Athletic Center
    839 W. Roosevelt Road
    Chicago, IL 60608

    Fax: (312) 996-8349

    University Administration
    Robert Easter President 217-330-2070  
    Paula Allen-Meares Vice President and Chancellor 413-3350 pameares@uic.edu
    Athletic Director
    Jim Schmidt Athletic Director 996-2695 jschmidt@uic.edu
    LaWanda Solomon Assistant to the Athletic Director 996-4639 wandas@uic.edu
    Faculty Athletics Representatives
    Sylvia Furner Athletics Representative 996-5013 sefurner@uic.edu
    Karrie Hamstra-Wright Athletics Representative 413-1890 khamst1@uic.edu
    Rick Harrigan Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Operations 996-5633 rickhar@uic.edu
    Tonya McGowan Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA 996-3556 tmcgowan@uic.edu
    Denny Wills Senior Associate Athletic Director 996-2032 dwills@uic.edu
    Bill Thomas Associate Athletic Director of Finance 996-8523 wthomas9@uic.edu
    Eric Phillips Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations 355-0716 ericp@uic.edu
    Development & Advancement
    Andrew Haring Associate Athletic Director for Development 996-2042 aharing@uic.edu
    Katie Kozak Assistant Director for Development & Special Events 996-5874 kkozak4@uic.edu
    Shannon Norkus Director of Compliance 413-9745 sbrett@uic.edu
    Academic Services
    Sam Rush Assistant Athletic Director of Academic Services 413-4303 samrush@uic.edu
    Anthony L. Binion II Assistant Director 996-8306 albinion@uic.edu
    Luis Silva Assistant Director 996-5011 lsilva1@uic.edu
    Alexandria Warner Academic Services Assistant 413-1064 awarne5@uic.edu
    Corporate Partnerships
    Patrick Cogan Director of Corporate Partnerships 996-2221 pcogan@uic.edu
    Sarah Lichtenberg Sales and Marketing Assistant 996-2957 slicht6@uic.edu
    Ryan Ptak Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing & Game Promotions 413-1911 ryanptak@uic.edu
    Kyle Decker Assistant Director of Marketing & Tickets 355-1330 kdecker2@uic.edu
    Bill Bavirsha Associate Athletic Director/Director of Facilities 996-3555 sparky@uic.edu
    Phil Ross Assistant Facilities Director 413-5300 philross81@gmail.com
    TBA South Fields Operations Director 413-5300  
    Tony Senkevicius Aquatics Director 996-1996 pool.uicathletics@gmail.com
    Mitchell George Event Administrator 996-1959 gym.uicathletics@gmail.com
    UIC Pavilion
    Kevin Scheibler Director of UIC Pavilion 413-5773 kevins@uic.edu
    Bill Colwell Events Administrator, Production 413-5775 bcolwell@uic.edu
    Sports Medicine
    Mike Gilmartin Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine - Men's Basketball 996-5787 mjgil@uic.edu
    Pat Donovan Associate Athletic Trainer - Baseball 996-8655 pdonoc1@uic.edu
    Bryan Yonka Assistant Athletic Trainer - Men's Soccer 996-9737 yonka@uic.edu
    Nicole Graham Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Basketball 996-2043 nicoleg@uic.edu
    Samantha Boland Assistant Athletic Trainer - Volleyball 996-2043 sboland@uic.edu
    Andrea Chilcote Athletic Training Assistant - Women's Soccer 996-2043 chilcote@uic.edu
    Jacqueline Walsh Athletic Training Assistant - Softball 996-2043 jkwalsh2@uic.edu
    Mark Hutchinson Team Doctor    
    Terry Nicola Team Doctor    
    Kathryn Kropski NovaCare Outreach - M/W Gymnastics 996-2043 kkropski@selectmedical.com
    Equipment Operations
    Darren Kent Equipment Manager 996-3131 dkent@uic.edu
    Athletic Communications
    Mike Laninga Director of Athletic Communications (Main Contact for Athletics, Men's Basketball, Baseball) 996-5881 mlaninga@uic.edu
    Brad Taylor Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Golf) 413-9340 bctaylor@uic.edu
    Laura White Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Men's Soccer, Women's Tennis, Softball) 996-5880 lwhite88@uic.edu
    Jennifer Zoellick Athletic Communications Assistant (Women's Soccer, Women's Gymnastics and Cross Country) 996-5881 jennz@uic.edu
    Chris Hopkins Athletic Communications Assistant (Swimming & Diving and Track and Field) 996-5881 jennz@uic.edu
    Jenny Cklamovski Athletic Communications Student Assistant (Men's Tennis and Men's Gymnastics) 996-5881 jcklam2@uic.edu
    Strength & Conditioning
    Nick Zostautas Head Coach 413-5304 nickz@uic.edu
    Eric Guthrie Assistant Coach 413-5304 eguthr2@uic.edu
    Ticket Operations
    Nate Downing Director of Season Ticket Sales 996-5324 ndowni2@uic.edu
    Adam Comito-Johnston Senior Account Executive 355-0451 ajohns87@uic.edu
    Mike Dee Head Coach 996-8645 mdee@uic.edu
    Sean McDermott Associate Head Coach 355-1757 smac@uic.edu
    John Flood Assistant Coach 355-2973


    Jack Lupo Volunteer Assistant Coach 355-8551  
    Andy Leonard Director of Baseball Operations 355-8551


    Harry Kammholz Operations and Video Coordinator 355-8551


    Men's Basketball
    Howard Moore Head Coach    
    Stew Robinson Assistant Coach 413-5303 stew@uic.edu
    Deon Thomas Assistant Coach 996-8335 deon@uic.edu
    Jeremy Buttell Assistant Coach 996-2409 jbutte3@uic.edu
    Phil Gaul Director of Basketball Operations 996-8336 pgaul2@uic.edu
    Matt Saey Director of Player Development 996-5010 matts@uic.edu
    Women's Basketball
    Regina Miller Head Coach 355-1359 lourdesg@uic.edu
    Frozena Jerro Assistant Coach 996-7998 fjerro@uic.edu
    Eric Simpson Assistant Coach 413-7579 coaches@uic.edu
    Tiffany Sardin Assistant Coach 996-6386 tsardin@uic.edu
    Martin Henry Director of Basketball Operations 413-3005 mhenry23@uic.edu
    Lourdes Gonzales Administrative Assistant 355-1359 lourdesg@uic.edu
    Men's & Women's Cross Country and Track & Field
    Jim Knoedel Head Coach 996-8644 jknoedel@uic.edu
    Gabe Rivera Assistant Coach 996-8644 griver8@uic.edu
    Women's Golf
    Carol Rhoades Head Coach TBA crhoades@uic.edu
    Garrett Chaussard Volunteer Assistant Coach TBA garrettchaussard@gmail.com
    Men's Gymnastics
    Charley Nelson Head Coach 996-5614 cnelso4@uic.edu
    Women's Gymnastics
    Peter Jansson Co-Head Coach 996-3557 pjansson@uic.edu
    Mary Jansson Co-Head Coach 996-3557 mjansson@uic.edu
    Men's Soccer
    Sean Phillips Head Coach 996-6755 sephill@uic.edu
    Aleksey Korol Assistant Coach 996-6999 korol@uic.edu
    Minos Vlamakis Assistant Coach 996-7198 minos@uic.edu
    Women's Soccer
    Brian Rigby Head Coach 996-3576 rigby@uic.edu
    Julie Colhoff Assistant Coach 413-5163 jcolhoff@uic.edu
    Jamie Forbes Assistant Coach 355-5173 jamief@uic.edu
    Michelle Venturella Head Coach 355-2775 mventure@uic.edu
    Eileen Canney Linnehan Assistant Coach 413-5305 ecanney@uic.edu
    Becky Marx Keogh Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 355-2391 rkeogh@uic.edu
    Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
    Tim Loeffler Head Coach 996-2255 timloe@uic.edu
    TBA Assistant Coach 413-0426  
    Susan Bromberg Diving Coach 413-9801 bromberg@uic.edu
    Men's Tennis
    Hans Neufeld Head Coach 996-2140 hneufeld@uic.edu
    Women's Tennis
    Shannon Tully Head Coach 355-0866 stully@uic.edu
    Katie Schumacher-Cawley Head Coach 996-2056 katies@uic.edu
    Ellen Yopchick Assistant Coach 996-3876


    Josh Wielebnicki Assistant Coach 996-2498


    Lindsey Lococo Spirit Coordinator/Head Dancing Flames Coach 355-0450 uicdance@gmail.com
    Philip Carpio Head Cheerleading Coach 413-1911 uicdance@gmail.com
    Pep Band
    Nick Carlson Director 996-5307 carlsonn@uic.edu