Athletic Department Staff Directory

UIC at a Glance

Area Code (312)
University of Illinois at Chicago Athletic Department
Flames Athletic Center
839 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608

Fax: (312) 996-8349

University Administration
Timothy L. Killeen President 217-333-3070
Michael Amiridis Chancellor 413-3350
Athletic Director
Jim Schmidt Athletic Director 996-2695
LaWanda Solomon Assistant to the Athletic Director 996-4639
Faculty Athletics Representatives
Sylvia Furner Athletics Representative 996-5013
Rick Harrigan Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Operations 996-5633
Tonya McGowan Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA 996-3556
Denny Wills Senior Associate Athletic Director 996-2032
Eric Phillips Associate Athletic Director - Communications 355-0716
Bill Thomas Associate Athletic Director - Finance 996-8523
Development & Advancement
Andrew Haring Associate Athletic Director - Development 996-2042
Katie Piszczor Associate Director for Development 996-5874
Elle Ullum Assistant Director for Special Events 355-0715
Shannon Norkus Director of Compliance 413-9745
Academic Services
Sam Rush Assistant Athletic Director of Academic Services 413-4303
Luis Silva Assistant Director 996-5011
Carolyn O'Connell Assistant Director 996-8306
Corporate Partnerships
Greg Carney Director of Corporate Partnerships 996-2221
Amanda Mener Sales and Marketing Assistant 996-2957
Ryan Ptak Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing & Game Promotions 413-1911
Kyle Decker Assistant Director of Marketing & Tickets 355-1330
Bill Bavirsha Associate Athletic Director/Director of Facilities 996-3555
Richard Grinage Assistant Athletic Director/Camps and Clinics 413-3432
Phil Ross Assistant Facilities Director 996-1921
Tony Senkevicius Aquatics Director 996-1996
Mitchell George Event Administrator 996-1959
UIC Pavilion
Kevin Scheibler Director of UIC Pavilion 413-5773
Bill Colwell Events Administrator, Production 413-5775
Sports Medicine
Mike Gilmartin Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine - Men's Basketball 996-5787
Pat Donovan Associate Athletic Trainer - Baseball 996-8655
Bryan Yonka Assistant Athletic Trainer - Men's Soccer 996-9737
Nicole Graham Assistant Athletic Trainer - Men/Women's Gymnastics 996-2043
Samantha Marchese Assistant Athletic Trainer - Volleyball 413-0583
Marina Bisaro Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Soccer 413-0350
Stephanie Forton Assistant Athletic Trainer - Softball 413-0350
Nicole Collins Assistant Athletic Trainer (Athletico) - Women's Basketball 413-0350
Rebecca Hubbard Psychologist 996-5881
Mark Hutchinson Team Doctor
Terry Nicola Team Doctor
Equipment Operations
Darren Kent Equipment Manager 996-3131
Athletic Communications
Eric Phillips Associate Athletic Director - Communications (Main Contact for Athletics, Women's Basketball, Baseball) 355-0716
Dan Yopchick Director of Athletic Communications (Men's Basketball, Volleyball) 413-9340
Laura White Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Softball) 996-5880
Robert Forney Multimedia Communications Supervisor
Jennifer Zoellick Athletic Communications Assistant (Cross Country, Women's Tennis, Women's Gymnastics)
Citlali Cuevas Athletic Communications Assistant (Women's Golf, Men's Tennis, Men's Gymnastics)
Chris Hopkins Athletic Communications Assistant (Swimming & Diving, Track and Field)
Strength & Conditioning
Nick Zostautas Head Coach 413-5304
Eric Guthrie Assistant Coach 355-0707
Chris McMillian Director of Player Performance 996-8336
Ticket Operations
Nate Downing Director of Season Ticket Sales 996-5324
Nestor Rico Community Assist Coordinator 996-1238
Kim Essary Account Executive 996-8188
Fadi Houma Account Executive 355-0283 
Pero Jovcic Account Executive 413-1452
Jakub Kruhlik Account Executive 413-9829
KateLynn Maxhimer Account Executive 335-0350
Mike Dee Head Coach 996-8645
Sean McDermott Associate Head Coach 355-1757
John Flood Assistant Coach 355-2973
Jack Lupo Volunteer Assistant Coach 413-8551
Cindy Nelson Chicago Youth Baseball Initiative 413-8551
TBA Director of Baseball Operations 413-8551
TBA Operations and Video Coordinator 413-8551
Men's Basketball
Steve McClain Head Coach 996-2409
Ron Coleman Assistant Coach 413-5303
Brendan Mullins Assistant Coach 996-5010
Deon Thomas Assistant Coach 996-8335
Jeremy Buttell Director of Basketball Operations 996-2409
Chris McMillian Director of Player Performance 355-1544
Phil Gaul Graduate Assistant 355-1544
Maggie Strus Administrative Assistant 996-8336
Women's Basketball
Regina Miller Head Coach 355-1359
Frozena Jerro Associate Head Coach 996-7998
Eric Simpson Assistant Coach 413-7579
Pamela Huntley Assistant Coach 996-6386
Cara Pearson Director of Basketball Operations 413-3005
Lourdes Gonzales Administrative Assistant 355-1359
Eric Guthrie Strength & Conditioning Coach 355-0707
Men's & Women's Cross Country and Track & Field
Jim Knoedel Head Coach 996-8644
Gabe Rivera Assistant Coach 413-2730
Ashley Lucas Assistant Coach 413-8306
Women's Golf
Carol Rhoades Head Coach 355-0563
Men's Gymnastics
Charley Nelson Head Coach 996-5614
Women's Gymnastics
Peter Jansson Co-Head Coach 996-3557
Mary Jansson Co-Head Coach 996-3557
Men's Soccer
Sean Phillips Head Coach 996-6755
Aleksey Korol Associate Head Coach 996-6999
Minos Vlamakis Assistant Coach 996-7198
Ross Cain Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Soccer
Brian Rigby Head Coach 996-3576
Julie Colhoff Assistant Coach 413-5163
Jamie Forbes Assistant Coach 355-5173
Michelle Venturella Head Coach 355-2775
Roya St. Clair Assistant Coach 355-2391
Jordan Gronewold Assistant Coach 413-5305
Tarah McShane Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
Tim Loeffler Head Coach 996-2255
Mike Tubb Assistant Coach 413-0426
Susan Bromberg Diving Coach 413-9801
Men's Tennis
Hans Neufeld Head Coach 996-2140
Women's Tennis
Shannon Tully Head Coach 355-0866
Katie Schumacher-Cawley Head Coach 996-2056
Ellen Yopchick Assistant Coach 996-3876
Josh Wielebnicki Assistant Coach 996-2498
Jim Wielebnicki Student Assistant
Simone Asque Volunteer Assistant
Spirit Groups
Lindsey Lococo Spirit Coordinator/Head Dancing Flames Coach 355-0450
Ronnie Pedroza Head Cheerleading Coach 355-0450
Pep Band
Nick Carlson Director 996-5307