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    Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services Sam Rush.
    Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services Sam Rush.

    UIC Student-Athletes Record 2.97 GPA During Fall Semester

    Jan. 31, 2011

    CHICAGO - UIC student-athletes compiled a 2.97 cumulative grade-point-average during the Fall 2010 semester, athletic director Jim Schmidt and Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services Sam Rush announced. The mark is the second-best in UIC Athletics history.

    Nine of the Flames' 17 teams recorded a team GPA of 3.0 or higher, including five programs above a 3.2. Individually, 136 student-athletes compiled a GPA of 3.0 or better, more than 40 percent of all student-athletes. A total of 32 student-athletes earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.

    There were 34 student-athletes that were members of the "Silver Team" (3.5-3.99), and an additional 64 student-athletes were "Bronze Team" members (3.0-3.49).

    "I'd like to congratulate our student-athletes on another great semester," said Schmidt. "A lot of hard work goes into enjoying this amount of departmental success, starting with those who wear the uniforms themselves. Our Academic Services staff, led by Sam Rush, also needs to be commended. They are committed to helping our student-athletes achieve excellence in the classroom, and did a great job accomplishing that last semester."

    The UIC men's tennis team finished the fall term with the top cumulative GPA among all Flames teams, compiling an impressive 3.57 mark. The women's tennis team was just behind, finishing the semester with a 3.56 GPA. The women's gymnastics program (3.37), softball team (3.27), women's cross country (3.11) and men's cross country (3.10) programs, and women's track and field team (3.04) all finished the semester with a 3.0 GPA or better.

    A complete list of UIC's 3.0 student-athletes is below.

    "Gold Team" (4.0 GPA)
    Andy Leonard, Baseball
    Collin Weyer, Baseball
    Lukasz Adamczyk, Men's Gymnastics
    Gabriel Kadar, Men's Gymnastics
    David Mohr, Men's Gymnastics
    Zach Kaleta, Men's Soccer
    Christian Konopka, Men's Swimming/Diving
    James Li, Men's Tennis
    Alex Marginean, Men's Tennis
    Gautham Oroskar, Men's Tennis
    David Robare, Men's Tennis
    Mary Kate Carrick, Women's Cross Country
    Rosie Gillam, Women's Cross Country
    Christine Girard, Women's Gymnastics
    Emily Lawrence, Women's Gymnastics
    Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette, Women's Gymnastics
    Allison Pipp, Women's Gymnastics
    Daneille Reusnow, Women's Gymnastics
    Jacqueline Fletcher, Softball
    Natalie Hernandez, Softball
    Coryn Schmit, Softball
    Lillian Cabel, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Megan Convey, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Julia Shallcross, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Sarah Walsh, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Sarma Zemjanis, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Linda Hricistova, Women's Tennis
    Jana Knoppe, Women's Tennis
    Teona Tsertsvadze, Women's Tennis
    Marie Carlson, Women's Track & Field
    Alexandra Christus, Women's Track & Field
    Mariya Denisenko, Women's Track & Field
    Aimee Schuh, Women's Track & Field
    Casie Sullivan, Volleyball

    "Silver Team" (3-5-3.99 GPA)
    Joey Begel, Baseball
    Paul Carter, Men's Basketball
    Brian Denk, Men's Cross Country
    Angelos Karkalis, Men's Cross Country
    Thomas Kohs, Men's Cross Country
    Andre Gatorano, Men's Gymnastics
    Joseph Hodges, Men's Gymnastics
    Faruk Jasaragic, Men's Soccer
    Evan Dunn, Men's Swimming/Diving
    Konrad Korth, Men's Swimming/Diving
    Camilo Giraldo, Men's Tennis
    Rahul Kamath, Men's Tennis
    Alan Reifer, Men's Tennis
    Anthony Crawford, Men's Track & Field
    Matt Kubik, Men's Track & Field
    Roy Mwale, Men's Track & Field
    Erik Perez, Men's Track & Field
    Cory Renner, Men's Track & Field
    Nicholas Torres, Men's Track & Field
    Briana Hinkle, Women's Basketball
    Kristin Petrinec, Women's Basketball
    Jamie Krause, Women's Gymnastics
    Andrea Skala, Women's Gymnastics
    Claire Donyanavard, Softball
    Kara Komp, Softball
    Emily Hare, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Sarah Harper, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Hannah Mikrut, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Ilinca Cristescu, Women's Tennis
    Andrea Crump, Women's Track & Field
    Theresa Karras, Women's Track & Field
    Constance Sciacero, Women's Track & Field
    Ashley Williams, Women's Track & Field
    Rita Witteman, Volleyball

    "Bronze Team" (3-0-3.49 GPA)
    Nick Addison, Baseball
    Alex De LaRosa, Baseball
    Jason Ganek, Baseball
    Alex Jurich, Baseball
    Zenon Kolakowski, Baseball
    Jon Ryan, Baseball
    Matt Salemi, Baseball
    Tim Suminski, Baseball
    Corey Gray, Men's Basketball
    Jimmy Harding, Men's Basketball
    Shawn King, Men's Basketball
    Robo Kreps, Men's Basketball
    Arman Rasul, Men's Basketball
    Photis Karkalis, Men's Cross Country
    Matt Morse, Men's Cross Country
    Roger Pinon, Men's Cross Country
    Andrew Arnold, Men's Gymnastics
    Aaron Eyster, Men's Gymnastics
    Dan Hutton, Men's Gymnastics
    Keith Lage, Men's Gymnastics
    Mateusz Rybarski, Men's Gymnastics
    Felipe Carrasco, Men's Soccer
    Moriba Diallo, Men's Soccer
    Joe Radice, Men's Soccer
    Alex Rickett, Men's Soccer
    Josh Jacobson, Men's Swimming/Diving
    Mike Reilly, Men's Swimming/Diving
    Luiz Gonzaga, Men's Tennis
    Nate Kirk, Men's Tennis
    Francisco Pereira, Men's Tennis
    Scott Shepardson, Men's Tennis
    John Glass, Men's Track & Field
    Josh Stanner, Men's Track & Field
    Shameia Green, Women's Basketball
    Emily Kobel, Women's Basketball
    Colleen Brennan, Women's Cross Country
    Sara Gottardo, Women's Cross Country
    Kala Griffin, Women's Cross Country
    Jaime Johnson, Women's Cross Country
    Stephanie Johnson, Women's Cross Country
    Catherine Dion, Women's Gymnastics
    Rachel Montoya, Women's Gymnastics
    Karen Morales, Women's Gymnastics
    Sarah Murray, Women's Gymnastics
    Chantel Turk, Women's Gymnastics
    Melinda Macias, Softball
    Jenna Marsalli, Softball
    Melissa Preish, Softball
    Christie Seddon, Softball
    Kristi Carling, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Alex Farrar, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Laurel Heath, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Clair Martin, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Brooke Sawyer, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Melanie Waszak, Women's Swimming/Diving
    Kathryn Sharples, Women's Tennis
    Elisa Simonetti, Women's Tennis
    Erin Clark, Women's Track & Field
    Sharon Mwale, Women's Track & Field
    Kellie Schuh, Women's Track & Field
    Jessica Dalke, Volleyball
    Maggie Strus, Volleyball
    MaryKate Imrie, Volleyball
    Jacqueline Lang, Volleyball