Blogging with Beard: The Virtual Game

Josh Beard
Josh Beard

Sept. 25, 2013

CHICAGO - Senior men's soccer player Josh Beard will be providing Flames' fans with an inside look into the 2013 squad with a weekly segment called `Blogging with Beard'.  Beard will blog about team traditions, traveling, memorable moments and many other aspects that make the UIC men's soccer squad unique.  Aside from being a starting defender for the Flames, Beard is also a communications major with an interest in creative writing.

Blog #4

In recent weeks, three video games have been released that have captured the attention of the UIC men's soccer team. These games are a way for us to relax and unwind after a hard day of training, and to bond with one another off of the field as well. A few of us have been playing Diablo 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, while just yesterday a lot of the guys purchased the new FIFA '14.

Every year in September, new games are released and, most importantly, the new FIFA comes out. The newest version always comes with a learning period, as EA Sports always has new features or mechanics we must get used to. This year, they have improved on the shooting, the dribbling, and player mechanics, which is causing some trouble for some of my teammates. This is just part of the learning curve, in no time we will adapt to the new game's mechanics.

Along with the release of FIFA comes a lot of trash talk and bragging. With so many competitive people playing the same game, we find the need to see who is the best FIFA player among us. The team will gather together in groups of six or seven and play games against one another. This gives guys an idea of who the top players are on the team. Even the coaches get involved in the games, as Coach Minos believes he is a FIFA master.

A tournament may be in store in the near future to decide who the best player is, and to end all the speculation once and for all.