Blogging with Beard: High Quality H20

Josh Beard
Josh Beard

Sept. 18, 2013

CHICAGO – Senior men’s soccer player Josh Beard will be providing Flames’ fans with an inside look into the 2013 squad with a weekly segment called ‘Blogging with Beard’.  Beard will blog about team traditions, traveling, memorable moments and many other aspects that make the UIC men’s soccer squad unique.  Aside from being a starting defender for the Flames, Beard is also a communications major with an interest in creative writing.

Blog #3

This past week in Nashville, Tenn., the UIC men's soccer team faced a whole new challenge, playing a Friday and a Sunday game on turf.  Tennessee was rather hot in the upper 80s, opposed to the nice, cool weather in the 60s that took place in Chicago.  This meant that we had to be even more conscious of the way we took care of our bodies between the two games.  The care of our bodies meant plenty of rest, the proper foods and, of course, hydration.

We decided to take a new approach to hydration, Hydration Pong.  The playing of this game makes for a much more fun and intense way of hydrating, having cups filled with water.  Instead of sitting in our hotel rooms and sipping on water, we get to interact with one another and keep that competitive edge off the field.

We held a tournament while playing Hydration Pong, and this made hydrating even more fun.  It did get testy at one point, when one of the guys suggested we use Gatorade, but we settled that situation quickly.  I won't mention who the last place finishers were, because in the end we all won.

After we hydrated properly, we got the result and won our game on Sunday, 2-0. Then on top of the win, one of our players, Jorge Alvarez, was named Illinois National Guard Student-Athlete of the Week, reinforcing that proper hydration really fuels great performance.

So next time you are struggling to get your eight glasses of water in a day, get a few friends together and make a game of it like we did.