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    Aug. 7, 2013 You were a First-Team 5A All-State selection from Texas at Plano East High School.  What made come halfway across the country to UIC?
    Pat Birt
    : I went on a lot of visits to other schools, but when I came to UIC I felt the most comfortable with the players and the coaches.  I instantly felt like we were one big family. Talk about your interactions with head coach Howard Moore during the recruitment process and how it is today.
    Pat Birt
    : I first developed a great relationship with Coach Robinson and once I started talking with Coach Moore I knew he was the guy I wanted to play for.  Whenever we talk he is always real with me. You averaged 17 points and seven rebounds per game during district play of your senior year of high school and were named MVP.  How would you describe yourself as a player and what are your strengths?
    Pat Birt
    : In high school, our coach needed me to be the scorer so I was more of a slasher.  I feel like I’m a great rebounder and I can guard all the perimeter positions, which makes me versatile. How have you been getting along with your new teammates this summer?
    Pat Birt
    : We were instantly a family and everyone has been really easy to get along with. Junior guard Marc Brown is also from Texas – Has he been able to help you in the transition to Chicago?
    Pat Birt
    : Absolutely.  He let me know what to expect coming from Dallas to Chicago.  If I can deal with the cold weather then I’ll be good to go.


  What do you see as the teams’ strengths for this season?
    Pat Birt
    : I think we have good size and good shooters.  The Horizon League is known for being guard-heavy, but I feel like we have good post players.  We also have great size on the perimeter. What has been your favorite Chicago experience so far?
    Pat Birt
    :  It’s definitely the view of the skyline.  I was on someone’s balcony at night and that view of Chicago’s skyline will always be in my head. What do you plan to study here at UIC?
    Pat Birt
    :  I either want to study mechanical engineering or sports medicine, but I haven’t declared a major yet. UIC had the best record in the city of Chicago last year among all Division-I programs and the 12th best turnaround in the country.  With you and the other newcomers now on board, talk about where this program is headed under Howard Moore’s leadership.
    Pat Birt
    : We want to win the conference championship and this program keeps getting better and better.  Our group has a lot of potential so we just need to listen to coach Moore and I feel like we will go far.