Knowing the Newcomers: Jordan Harks

July 25, 2013  What initially sparked your interest to play for the UIC Flames? 

Jordan Harks:  I always knew how competitive the Horizon League was so to play for UIC is a great opportunity for me.  I also wanted to be closer to home and UIC’s campus is about a 25-minute drive from where I grew up.  Talk about your interactions with head coach Howard Moore and your thoughts on his leadership so far.

Jordan Harks:  Coach Moore has been great to work with.  He’s told me what I need to do to help this team win and how I can improve my game.  I like playing for coaches who actually played the game and I can already tell that Coach Moore knows a lot about basketball.  You had an outstanding prep career at Glenbard South High School, talk about the opportunity to play in front of friends and family now that you are back home in Chicago. 

Jordan Harks:  I’ll probably have 15 or 20 people at each home game to watch me play, which will be a lot of fun.  My friends didn’t really have the chance to see me play at Central Arkansas so this will be good for them and I’ll have my own personal cheering section.”  UIC had the best record in the city of Chicago among D-I programs last season and the 12th best turnaround in the country. How do you see this program progressing over the next few years under Coach Moore? 

Jordan Harks:  I love where this program is headed.  I’ve kept up with UIC since I left for college and UIC is really putting their name on the map.  I hope I can help the program continue its upward trend and set the tone for future players.  What do you consider your strengths as a player and how do you expect to contribute to this year’s team? 



Jordan Harks:  I bring energy and have the ability to get up and down the court.  I feel like my game is very versatile to where I can play in the post and also step out and hit some jumpers.  Talk about your time at Olivet and Central Arkansas and how those years helped develop your game? 

Jordan Harks: Each year I kept improving my skills and taking the next step.  It’s an adventure with this being my third school, but I feel like my hard work is paying off now that I’m at UIC.  How are you fitting in with your new teammates and how would you describe the team chemistry?

Jordan Harks:  We’re coming together really well.  There are times when we are serious and then other times when we can just laugh and joke around.  It’s a great mixture of guys and we all get along great.  What do you see as the team’s strengths for the upcoming season? 

Jordan Harks:  I think we will be athletic and be able to run the floor.  Our guys are in great shape so transitions could be big for us.  What graduate program do you intend to enroll in?

Jordan Harks:  Instructional Leadership.  It’s a one-year masters of education program.  I’m really excited about taking those classes and I think it will be a great fit for me.  Since this is your final year of eligibility, how would you like to finish your collegiate basketball career? 

Jordan Harks:  I want to compete in the NCAA Tournament and win the conference championship.  If we listen to Coach Moore and use his leadership, I think we have a great chance to succeed in the Horizon League and make it to the big dance.