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    Q & A with Baseball's Nick Addison

    Nick Addison started 50 games for UIC last season and ranked second in homers with four.
    Nick Addison started 50 games for UIC last season and ranked second in homers with four.
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    Dec. 14, 2011 contributor Claire Donyanavard recently sat down with redshirt junior outfielder Nick Addison (Barrington, Ill./Fremd) to talk about his role with this year's squad and plans for the future. What do you want to accomplish this season?

    NA:  The main goal is consistency. Winning is obviously important, but getting better every game and every week and maintaining that consistency throughout our season is equally important. How does it feel to be a team leader, in comparison to being an underclassman?

    NA: It’s definitely different than being an underclassman.  Being a leader comes with a certain amount of responsibility.  You never worry about yourself anymore, because it’s always about what’s best for the team.  It’s a role that you have to be 100 percent committed to. What influenced your decision to redshirt?

    NA:  I came in late to the program.  I was committed somewhere else previously and I recommitted to UIC.  When I entered the UIC program I decided redshirting would be a smart idea. The team had a number of talented outfield upperclassmen and it was the best decision for me personally, and for the team. What are your plans after you conclude your baseball career in 2013?

    NA:  My goal is to get drafted.  If that doesn’t work out, I plan on finding a job that relates to my major, Communications.  I am also interested in sports broadcasting.