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    Auditions & Workshops

    Audition Clinic

    The UIC Dancing Flames host both a fall and a spring audition. Please note, our spring audition is for the next season, we do not do mid-season auditions. Spring workshops and audition dates will be posted in January of 2013.

    Audition Clinics & Workshops

    The UIC Audition Clinic is a great opportunity to talk with coaches, meet with current dancers and ask any questions you might have prior to auditioning for the team. During the workshop, we will be going over necessary skills, technique and styles for the audition. Try-out materials may be covered at this time. The UIC tryout clinic is strongly suggested, but not required to audition. You must be a current UIC student to attend the fall audition clinic.

    2013 College Dance Team Workshop

    Open to ANY high school aged student who plans on auditioning for a college dance team!

    Students will have the opportunity to train with UIC's professional & award winning coaches, and former UIC Dancers. We will go through technique & combinations (hip hop, jazz & pom) just like an actual audition! Come learn about the college audition process, as well as hair, makeup & interview techniques from a Division 1 program. Be prepared for your college auditions and gain the insight on how a college dance team can prepare YOU for professional opportunities in dance!

    Date & Time: TBA
    Cost: $20

    Spring Audition Clinic Date: TBA

    Cost: $5 non-refundable fee

    UIC Physical Education Building (PEB) Dance Studio, 901 w. Roosevelt Rd

    Must have Insurance card & waiver filled out : insert waiver

    Spring Audition Date: TBA

    Cost: $20 non-refundable audition fee

    UIC Physical Education Building (PEB) Dance Studio, 901 w. Roosevelt Rd

    Must have Insurance card & waiver filled out : insert waiver


    Must be an accepted student for the Fall semester. All participants including transfer students, current students and current team members must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have graduated high school.

    Must be available for the duration of the season May-May or September-May if auditioning in the fall.

    The dance team supports the universities non-discrimination policy and welcomes all UIC students to participate in the audition process. If you have or have had any injuries that may cause physical limitations, please let the coaches know.


    Fall try-outs will consist of a one day audition. Please arrive early to warm-up and stretch on your own.

    Dancers will learn a short hip hop & jazz combination. They will also learn two 8-counts of the school fight song. The audition will conclude with a short interview and individual solo.*

    *Dancers are required to bring a 30-second routine of their own, any style. Please bring your own music on CD/iPod/phone.


    Double & Triple pirouettes (R & L)A la seconde turns (Right)
    Flexibility: Leg holds, extensionsNeedle turns
    Turning DiscsCalypso (jete attitude)
    C-jumpsLeaps: Straight, Center, Reverse, switch, switch-centers
    Toe TouchHip Hop skills: handstands, stalls, headsprings, k-stands
    *Your own 30 second routine, with your own music


    Female: Black shorts, sports bra, hip hop shoes & jazz shoes. Full hair/ performance make-up is suggested
    Male: Black pants, white t-shirt, hip hop and jazz shoes


    Copy of your insurance card (campus care cards can be printed out from the UIC website)

    Dance Team Application Form: Link here

    Waiver: Link here

    Non-returnable photograph

    $20 audition fee