UIC Athletic Department Announces NCAA Graduation Success Rate

UIC men's tennis, women's tennis and volleyball programs posted perfect GSR scores (100)

UIC men's tennis, women's tennis and volleyball programs posted perfect GSR scores (100)

Oct. 24, 2013

Official NCAA GSR Press Release

CHICAGO - According to the latest federal Graduation Success Rate (GSR) released by the NCAA, UIC Athletics had nine programs graduate more than 80 percent of their student-athletes. The announcement came from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) office on Thursday (Oct. 24).

The UIC men’s tennis, women’s tennis and volleyball programs were three of thirty-three Horizon League teams that posted perfect GSR scores (100). Women's track & field, men's swimming and men's gymnastics all turned in a GSR score above 90 percent.

This year's rate measures the amount of 2006-07 freshman class members who went on to complete their respective degrees within a six-year period at the university.

“Our success in the classroom represents the type of student-athlete our coaches are recruiting and the academic support they receive from our staff once they arrive on campus. I challenge our coaching staffs to recruit the type of student-athlete that can be successful in the playing arena and in the classroom," said Director of Athletics Jim Schmidt. "Our athletes are academic leaders on our campus. Our percentages far outdistance the UIC campus numbers and we feel strongly that our graduation rates will continue to improve yearly. These percentages are a combined effort from all involved, and I am extremely proud of our student-athletes' dedication in the classroom.”

Overall, UIC Athletics met the national average and graduated 82 percent of its student-athletes. Federal statistics, which do not include the performance of transfers at their new schools, showed UIC student-athletes are much more likely to earn degrees than traditional students. Those numbers show 64 percent of overall students graduated in the 2006-07 class.

Horizon League squads performed collectively above the national averages in 12 of 19 sports. Additionally, more than half (56 percent) of the 124 League teams measured exceeded the national averages in their respective sports.

About the GSR

The NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) is designed to show the proportion of student-athletes on any given team who earn a college degree. The NCAA has imposed a new set of academic standards that seeks to hold teams and institutions accountable for how well a student-athlete progresses toward a degree.

The GSR was developed in response to colleges and universities who asked for an alternative rate that more accurately reflects the movement among college student-athletes. The GSR takes into account incoming transfers who graduate from a different institution than the one they started at and transfers who leave an institution in good standing.

How is the GSR calculated?

The GSR, like the Federal Graduation Rate, starts with all freshmen who enter college in a given year. The GSR is different in that it excludes from the denominator those athletes who leave the institution in good academic standing and includes in the numerator those who transfer into the institution and go on to graduate. The GSR better accounts for the high mobility of student-athletes.