UIC Student-Athletes Post Third-Straight Semester with 3.0 GPA

Softball's Melissa Preish, also a First-Team All-Horizon League honoree, recorded a 4.0 GPA during the Spring semester.

Softball's Melissa Preish, also a First-Team All-Horizon League honoree, recorded a 4.0 GPA during the Spring semester.

May 21, 2012

CHICAGO - For the third-straight semester, UIC student-athletes compiled a 3.0 grade-point-average during the 2012 Spring Semester, Athletic Director Jim Schmidt and Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services Sam Rush announced Monday. The collective 3.0 GPA is tied for the second-best mark in school history.

Eight of the Flames' 19 teams recorded a GPA of 3.0 or higher, including five programs above a 3.2. Individually, 163 student-athletes compiled a GPA of 3.0 or better, earning "Honor Roll" accolades, with a total of 22 achieving a perfect 4.0 mark.

"Once again, it is with my utmost pleasure to congratulate our student-athletes on achieving a 3.0 grade-point-average," said Schmidt. "Our streak of three-straight semesters above a 3.0 is something our department is very proud of, and is absolutely a point of pride for Flames Athletics. Our student-athletes deserve all the credit for their hard work in the classroom, but I'd like to also recognize our Port Academic Center staff, particularly Sam Rush, Shannon Norkus, Denny Wills and Antwan Joseph, for helping our student-athletes achieve academic success."

The UIC women's tennis team, which picked up its unprecedented 16th-straight Horizon League Championship last month, finished the spring term with the top cumulative GPA among all Flames teams, compiling an impressive 3.73 mark. The softball team finished second, wrapping up the semester with a 3.54 GPA.

The women's swimming & diving team achieved a 3.38 cumulative GPA, after finishing with a 3.49 mark during the 2011 fall semester. The men's tennis team, which captured the department's top GPA during the fall term, finished the spring semester with a 3.26 GPA.

Also finishing the spring semester above the 3.0 team threshold were the volleyball (3.2), women's gymnastics (3.18), men's swimming & diving (3.04) and women's track & field (3.0) teams.

Below is a list of UIC's "Honor Roll" (3.0 and above) recipients.

"Gold" Team (4.0 GPA)
Tim Suminski, Baseball
Piotr Lagowski, Men's Soccer
Maurizio Feoli, Men's Tennis
Gautham Oroskar, Men's Tennis
Scott Shepardson, Men's Tennis
Kayla Stueland, Women's Golf
Emily Lawrence, Women's Gymnastics
Gabrielle May, Women's Gymnastics
Jacki Fletcher, Softball
Natalie Hernandez, Softball
Kara Komp, Softball
Melissa Preish, Softball
Lillian Cabel, Women's Swimming & Diving
Sarah Harper, Women's Swimming & Diving
Jamie Krause, Women's Swimming & Diving
Clair Martin, Women's Swimming & Diving
Sarah Walsh, Women's Swimming & Diving
Linda Hricistova, Women's Tennis
Mariya Kovaleva, Women's Tennis
Kathryn Sharples, Women's Tennis
Teona Tsertsvadze, Women's Tennis
Mariya Denisenko, Women's Track & Field

"Silver" Team (3.5-3.99 GPA)
Nick Addison, Baseball
Joey Begel, Baseball
Alex Grunenwald, Baseball
Zenon Kolakowski, Baseball
Andres Ortegano, Baseball
Collin Weyer, Baseball
Angelos Karkalis, Men's Cross Country, Track & Field
Matt Zaluckyj, Men's Cross Country, Track & Field
Lukasz Adamczyk, Men's Gymnastics
Michael Brackmann, Men's Gymnastics
Japheth Grimes, Men's Gymnastics
Dan Hutton, Men's Gymnastics
Keith Lage, Men's Gymnastics
Dan Zerbel, Men's Gymnastics
Josh Beard, Men's Soccer
Alex Brinlee, Men's Soccer
Luke Holbrook, Men's Swimming & Diving
Josh Jacobson, Men's Swimming & Diving
Steven Mell, Men's Swimming & Diving
Brian Sivak, Men's Swimming & Diving
Rahul Kamath, Men's Tennis
Alexander Raa, Men's Tennis
Alan Reifer, Men's Tennis
Joey Cieniewicz, Men's Track & Field
Justen Garth, Men's Track & Field
Brad Somerfield, Men's Track & Field
Josh Stanner, Men's Track & Field
Shamiea Green, Women's Basketball
Maggie Banasik, Women's Cross Country
Citlali Cuevas, Women's Gymnastics
Catherine Dion, Women's Gymnastics
Katelynn Johnson, Women's Gymnastics
Rachel Montoya, Women's Gymnastics
Chantel Turk, Women's Gymnastics
Teresa Aguilar, Softball
Jenna Marsalli, Softball
Coryn Schmit, Softball
Kelsey Sturgeon, Softball
Alex Farrar, Women's Swimming & Diving
Emily Gniatczyk, Women's Swimming & Diving
Marissa Yontz, Women's Swimming & Diving
Haley Craig, Women's Tennis
Elisa Simonetti, Women's Tennis
Valere Guertin, Women's Track & Field
Sharon Mwale, Women's Track & Field
Noelle Williams, Women's Track & Field
Carla Wilson, Women's Track & Field
Nicole Allgood, Volleyball
Jacqueline Lang, Volleyball
Aubrey Sniegowski, Volleyball
Sara Sternard, Volleyball

"Bronze" Team (3.0-3.49 GPA)
Ryan Boss, Baseball
Alex De LaRosa, Baseball
Tyler Detmer, Baseball
Brian Evak, Baseball
Ryan Hinchley, Baseball
Alex Jurich, Baseball
Harry Kammholz, Baseball
Jacob McNamara, Baseball
Jon Ryan, Baseball
Mike Schoolcraft, Baseball
Ryan Shober, Baseball
Carl Sugihara, Baseball
Tim Tarter, Baseball
Matt Bush, Men's Basketball
Gary Talton, Men's Basketball
Brian Denk, Men's Cross County/Track & Field
Tyler Hinckley, Men's Cross County/Track & Field
Thomas Kohs, Men's Cross County/Track & Field
Kosta Papazoglou, Men's Cross County/Track & Field
Roger Pinon, Men's Cross County/Track & Field
Andrew Arnold, Men's Gymnastics
Aaron Eyster, Men's Gymnastics
David Ishida, Men's Gymnastics
Justin Reynolds, Men's Gymnastics
Francisco Pereira, Men's Tennis
Slobodan Aleksov, Men's Soccer
Moriba Diallo, Men's Soccer
Phil Galounis, Men's Soccer
Goran Ikic, Men's Soccer
Zach Kaleta, Men's Soccer
Piotr Kikolski, Men's Soccer
Mirza Prses, Men's Soccer
Joe Radice, Men's Soccer
Ivan Stanisavljevic, Men's Soccer
Paul Tracy, Men's Soccer
Drew Wolfe, Men's Soccer
Vince Errichiello, Men's Swimming & Diving
Mike Greco, Men's Swimming & Diving
Connor Howard, Men's Swimming & Diving
Will Ikeda, Men's Swimming & Diving
Woody Lord, Men's Swimming & Diving
Luke Martinez, Men's Swimming & Diving
Zach Van Swol, Men's Swimming & Diving
Alex Webster, Men's Swimming & Diving
Francisco Pereira, Men's Tennis
Brandon Gale, Men's Track & Field
Katie Hannemann, Women's Basketball
Emily Kobel, Women's Basketball
Kierra Robinson, Women's Basketball
Kiara Strickland, Women's Basketball
Elizabeth Curtiss, Women's Golf
Casey Hahn, Women's Golf
Cherise Mangal, Women's Golf
Lindsay Purpura, Women's Golf
Chelsea Bailey, Women's Gymnastics
Lexi Brown, Women's Gymnastics
Erin Duggan, Women's Gymnastics
Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette, Women's Gymnastics
Andrea Skala, Women's Gymnastics
Tess Ehrhardt, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Jaime Johnson, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Grace Millhorn, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Alexandra Ovington, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Aimee Schuh, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Kellie Schuh, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Constance Sciacero, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Erica Hampton, Softball
Courtney Heeley, Softball
Ashley Hewett, Softball
Melinda Macias, Softball
Breann Warren, Softball
Kristi Carling, Women's Swimming & Diving
Anne Jacobsen, Women's Swimming & Diving
Whitney Johnson, Women's Swimming & Diving
Andrea Longlade, Women's Swimming & Diving
Kelsey Millin, Women's Swimming & Diving
Sara Pardue, Women's Swimming & Diving
Alisa Penkala, Women's Swimming & Diving
Monica Pinkus, Women's Swimming & Diving
Melanie Waszak, Women's Swimming & Diving
Jana Knoppe, Women's Tennis
Essence Smith, Women's Tennis
Alex Christus, Women's Track & Field
Andrea Crump, Women's Track & Field
Erin Romito, Women's Track & Field
Alex Warner, Women's Track & Field
Dominique Aramburu, Volleyball
Janise Dismuke, Volleyball
Justine Garcia, Volleyball
MaryKate Imrie, Volleyball
Molly McCoy, Volleyball